A Story Life: An Introduction

Stories matter.

This is my life’s refrain. From the time I was a child, I recognized the power behind a well-told story. I decided to become a writer at the age of ten, when I watched a movie where the main character was a novelist. It was at that moment I realized all stories begin with an author, and I knew I wanted to focus my life on stories, both real and imagined. But additionally, even at that young age, I recognized the value behind such narratives.

The thing I am most passionate about is recognizing the greater story in each of our individual lives. I believe we love stories (film, books, video games, art) because they reflect deeper elements of ourselves. The problem is that too often, we minimize the importance of the little things and how they contribute to the whole. In every single day of our lives, there are tiny, extraordinary miracles.

Through this blog, A Story Life, I hope to break down the details and present the everyday as something more than the mundane. You can look for a variety of posts including categories that revolve around inspirational, home and family, writing, entertainment, and everything in between. For those of you who remember my first author blog, The Cerella Life, you can find similar content here with a bit more focus on the overlooked aspects of daily living and the meanings behind them, along with the same type of heartfelt and humorous posts I’ve shared in the past.

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To celebrate the launch of A Story Life, I’m hosting a giveaway, and to keep things interesting, I’ll unveil a new item to be added to the giveaway with each week’s post for the next four weeks! There are plenty of ways to enter via the form below. The first item in the giveaway is in keeping with the theme of the blog:

A retired Thirty-One skirt purse, featuring words of encouragement from their Inspiration line. When I saw this purse, I knew it was perfect for my first blog giveaway here because of the many heartwarming phrases included on the bag.

Make sure you enter via the form below and check back every Friday, when a new post goes live, to find out the next item included in the giveaway!

And thanks for joining me here on the blog. I’m looking forward to sharing my story life and learning more about your own in the days ahead.

Introducing A Story Life

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