Discussion Questions


1. Even though Sadie is already very talented in the field of cooking, she cannot be satisfied with this talent and wants to prove herself in the area of desserts as well. What are some areas in your life where you want to be better than you are? What areas are you already gifted in?

2. If you had to describe yourself as any dessert, which one would it be? Sweet and light like angel food cake? Dark and dreamy like chocolate truffles? Smooth and cool as an ice cream sundae?

3. What do you think Sadie’s life would have been like if Ned hadn’t died in a car accident when Kylie was a baby? Do you think her life turned out better or worse for this tragedy?

4. What is your favorite Hershey’s candy and why? What do you think the best part of living in Hershey might be?

5. If Amelia had lived to see Sadie’s struggle during the dessert competition, what do you think she might have told her daughter?

6. Do you think Sadie was too hard on Mac when he first returned and wanted to make amends for the past? How might she have handled the situation differently?

7. Sadie has two very different dates in the book, one with Jasper and one with Dmitri. What’s your idea of a perfect first date and which one of Sadie’s would you have preferred?

8. Kylie gets into quite a lot of mischief. What is an example of childhood mischief that you got into as a child?

9. Throughout the course of the story, Sadie learns what it is to take a priceless relationship for granted. Are there any relationships in your own life that you’ve taken for granted? How did you resolve those issues?

10. What was your favorite part of Love Finds You in Hershey? (Character, setting, dessert, theme, etc.)

11. At one point, Belva tells Sadie, “If we always got what we deserved, we wouldn’t have much. That’s where grace comes in.” What are some ways that Sadie is shown grace in the story? What are some ways you’ve been shown grace in your own life?

12. What do you think Ned meant, in Sadie’s dreams, when he told her, “Because what you hold in your heart is far greater than the things you hold in your hand”?


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