Like most writers, I enjoy listening to a variety of music as I work – everything from film instrumentals to rock, classical to punk. I also love envisioning my stories as though they were a movie – watching it play through in my head before putting it on paper. Because of this, I often stumble across songs which seem to particularly fit a certain scene or emotion within a book. For those of you who love soundtracks as much as stories themselves, here are the songs I’ve found that best fit Sadie’s story.

*PLEASE NOTE: The soundtrack DOES contain SPOILERS, so I recommend you read the book before checking out the following songs…unless you’re one of those annoying people who LIKES to have the story spoiled. But hey, if that’s your thing…proceed.

You can download any of these tracks for yourself from ITunes by clicking the highlighted links.


Sadie’s Song:
Train Wreck by Sarah McLachlan

Jasper’s Song for Sadie:
Sticking With You by Addison Road

Dessert Obsession (Sadie Bakes):
Happy Homemaker by Melanie Doane

Breaking Down (Jasper and Sadie Argue):
Break the Spell by Briar Cox
Special Soundtrack Note: This song was written and performed by my friend, Brian “Briar” Cox. His music reminds me of several of the themes found in Love Finds You in Hershey, Pennsylvania. In particular, in the ‘movie version’ of the story, I could see “Break the Spell” playing during the scene following the dessert competition – after Sadie and Jasper argue in front of the crowd and Jasper walks off, leaving Sadie standing alone. To listen to more of Briar’s music, please check out his website. His album “Letters to Myself” is available for purchase on iTunes.

Sadie Dreams of Ned (In the Garden):
Here’s My Life by Barlow Girl

Sadie’s Regret (Jasper Leaves):
Don’t Leave Home by Dido Armstrong

Sadie and Belva Look at the Stars:
Fall Apart Again (Acoustic) by Brandi Carlile

Letters: Sadie Writes to Jasper:
One Sweet Love by Sara Bareilles

The End (following the Epilogue):
I’m Yours by Jason Mraz


More disclaimers: I don’t own any rights to these tracks, and I’m not responsible for lyrical content. I just like ‘em and think that if I was filming this book into a movie – these songs would make it onto the CD.


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