Finding Positives in the Midst of Negativity

There’s a lot of negativity in the world. I don’t need to tell you this. You don’t even need to walk out your front door to be assaulted by pessimistic views on the economy to health scares and every little thing in between.

I struggle with confronting negativity as much as anyone else. Which is why one of my earliest pins to Pinterest was a quote: “The words you speak become the house you live in.” In fact, this pin is still the cover of one of my quotes boards on Pinterest.

Why does this saying resound so much for me? Because in one sentence, it harnesses the power of what the psychology world calls “self-talk”, defined by as “the act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently and mentally”

Now, you may consider self-talk to be a futile exercise, something advocated by inspirational gurus and talk-show hosts. But in a world where negativity is a minefield (or should I say MINDfield), a few optimistic affirmations can’t hurt. I mean, did you know that your brain actually changes based on the thoughts you filter through it? If you feed it only with the negative, then negativity is going to become your default outlook. No joke.

Thus, the words you speak (whether internal or external) become the house you live in.

That’s why I try to remind myself, on a daily (sometimes hourly!) basis to feed my mind a little self-love and hope multiple times a day. This includes everything from affirming my value to counting my blessings. Anything to keep my brain from forming patterns of despair. Some days, it’s easier than others. But every day, it’s important to try.

All of this leads into the latest addition to my ongoing A Story Life giveaway. I found this tin sign about Gratitude on an impromptu Hobby Lobby run with a friend, and I thought, “Yes, this has to become part of the blog giveaway!” Make sure you enter each week (the entry options change with each post!) and check back in next time to see what prizes will be added!

Until then…remember that there is always hope. And that’s the house we choose to live in.

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