Finding Faith in the Dark [one word: faith]

One of my favorite blog series, both on my last blog and on others, has always been “one word” posts. My friend, Jules, introduced me to these several years ago. Jules first borrowed the idea from craft and creative entrepreneur, Ali Edwards. Jules and I have made a practice of choosing “one word” as our focus and mantra each year, but additionally, we’ve both blogged about particular words and the meaning and power behind them. Ever since I conceived the idea of this blog, I’ve been excited to revisit those “one word” posts.

faith [noun]: belief that is not based on proof.

All my life, I’ve had the good fortune to live in southern Pennsylvania with a clear, unobstructed view of the night sky. There have been countless evenings when I’ve looked up and encountered a rich, deep velvet background speckled with the shine and sparkle of endless stars. Every time I witness this ethereal beauty, I’m reminded of the song “There You Are” by Carolyn Arends, which opens with these words:

“I was hoping You would write to me a message in the stars,
As if the stars themselves were not enough.”

And in those moments, I pause and remind myself of how loved I am by a God who decorates his creation with other-worldly gems.

There are many definitions concerning the word “faith” and millions of websites that refer to the concept of faith and belief. Tony Evans shares, on the Focus on the Family website:

“I love the immensity of the Texas sky. One evening, I looked up and saw only one star in that enormous expanse. The rest of the sky was empty — or at least it appeared so. After a short time, I saw more stars appear. Soon, many more were visible.

I shared that imagery later with my kids as we discussed what faith is and how it works. The stars were in place when I had first looked up. But I couldn’t see them until the darkness settled in around me. We talked about how sometimes the greatest lessons of faith — when we recognize most clearly the light and truth of God’s love — happen in the dark.”

There is a science behind the night sky, the combination of constellations and cosmic dust. For me, all of that science only reaffirms my belief in a creator of such finely tuned details. But even without such evidence, my faith is a belief that doesn’t need proof.

If you find yourself in doubt, uncertain about the future or the plans God has for you, I’d encourage you to just look up.


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Until next time…may you keep the faith.

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